structural causes of headaches/Migraines

The American Headache Epidemic: What on Earth are Doctors Missing?

    In addition to Atlas Orthogonal, I help headache sufferers with other treatments including: complex homeopathy, ear acupuncture, and cold laser therapy.  I understand how skeptical people are.  Patients tell me how jaded and skeptical they’ve become after every medical test has come up negative, and every treatment has failed them.  I know people are afraid to try new things — especially when their trusted physician has never heard of them… All I can recommend is that if you are a chronic headache or Migraine sufferer, to put any negative feelings aside, just for a while, and reach out for help just one more time, with these safe, time-tested technologies.
  You're not alone.  You may be suffering needlessly... because help may be available to you right now.  There is quite possibly realistic hope for you, even if you've been told “nothing can be done” or “learn to live with the pain.”
    By Dr. Donald Liebell

   You've taken every drug on the market.  Every medical test comes up negative; but you're still crippled by severe pounding headaches that strike with a vengeance, and squeeze you head like it's in a vice.  You close yourself off from the world, retreating to a dark corner, robbed of precious time with your friends and family when the migraine "monster" rears its ugly head.  Every day is filled with uncertainty -- your life spiraling downhill in misery, as you wonder, will these headaches ever go away?  You swallow pills every day, worried about how the side effects of the drugs are wreaking havoc on your lifer, kidneys and stomach. 
   But what do you do?  What choice do you have?

    With estimates of 45 million sufferers in the U.S., chronic headaches are one of the top reasons for visits to the doctor.  Even so, it just doesn't seem like headaches are a major priority for the medical community.  According to noted neurologist, Dr. Joel Saper, "Migraine is a serious and underestimated health problem.  Patients are subjected to unnecessary procedures and preventable consequences."  Migraines are not only disabling, they can be life threatening.    

    The National Migraine Awareness group, MAGNUM, reports that more people died in 2003 from migraine related strokes than were murdered with handguns! 
A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that frequent migraines are actually associated with an increased likelihood of BRAIN DAMAGE.  It is uncertain at this point whether or not the lesions result in other health problems.  However it's further evidence that migraines should not be taken more seriously as a distinct medical condition.  Some doctors think Migraines are genetic.  Others disagree (I do, in most cases).  Either way, most doctors consider Migraines to be a mystery with no cure.  Still others say they are NOT mystery (more on that in a moment).

    The American Academy of Pain Medicine has reported that 150 million workdays per year are lost due to headaches.  Migraines are even common among children, which can lead to dire consequences. According to Dr. Richard Lipton, MD in the Journal of the American Association for the Study of Headache, “A history of migraine may set children up for a lifetime of underachievement.”   The doctor also reported in USA Today, “Virtually all medications to treat headache can become a cause of headache if overused.”The National Headache Foundation calls this the "rebound effect."  Your body actually produces more headaches so you’ll give it more drugs.  

     Yet people keep praying for “miracle drugs,” and the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry capitalizes on that huge demand.  But do any of their drugs ever address the physical causes of headaches?  Or do they merely temporarily suppress symptoms and keep you dependent on buying them indefinitely? 

    Why don't most doctors offer preventative, corrective, and drugless treatments?

    With profits from the drug-based approach to merely maintaining and managing headaches sky-high, it's no wonder little attention is put towards corrective natural treatment. Fortunately there has been breakthrough research which reveals one of the very common physical causes of headaches... along with effective DRUGLESS treatment too. Is it possible that the average doctor is simply unaware of the technologies that are bringing blessed relief to chronic headache sufferers?      

    The Hidden Cause of Headaches You Have NOT Been Told About

   The proper treatment of headaches depends on diagnosing what’s causing them. Fortunately, a growing number of visionary doctors and scientists have focused on an extremely common cause that can be linked to both migraines and muscle tension headaches.
 They say that many headaches are caused by hidden problems in the upper neck— specifically, that physical misalignment of the upper neck (cervical spine) and the base of the skull, creates inflammation of nerves and blood vessels, which can cause pain in the head

   This explains why MRI and CT scans of the head rarely reveal anything causing headaches. World-renowned medical researcher, Nikolai Bogduk, MD has said: “People in control of the headache field have not, cannot, or will not recognize that the neck-based, or cervicogenic explanation is best.

   Dr. Bogduk is not alone. In 1995 a medical team at Syracuse University established scientific anatomical proof that damage to structures in the neck cause nerves to send pain signals to the brain, affecting cranial nerves.  Dr. Peter Rothbart, MD, founder of the North American Cervicogenic Headache Society proclaimed the Syracuse results a minor miracle:
    “Some brilliant people have put their hearts, souls, and minds to this headache problem and haven’t come up with anything. All we’ve been able to do is treat people with an array of medicines, one after another, and hope the side effects won’t be too bad… We couldn’t believe it at first. We’ve been able to put together a scientific explanation of how neck structure causes headaches — not all headaches, but a significant number of them.”    

   Further proof came from scientists at the University of Maryland, who discovered a physical connection between muscles, nerves and headaches — a previously unknown muscular connection between the base of the skull and the first bone of the neck, called the Atlas Vertebra.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) confirmed this remarkable discovery with digitized “virtual human” dissection.

   Headache Relief & Prevention Without Medication

   It turns out that for decades, certain doctors have been trying to tell the public about this neck headache connection — offering a drugless, non-surgical, corrective procedure.  The research discovery merely confirmed what was already known!  But with our nation’s focus on pharmaceutical-based “solutions,” our knowledge has largely "fallen on deaf ears."  We are specialists within the chiropractic profession, known as Upper Cervical doctors.   We are doctors who specifically focus on treating conditions related to structural imbalances of the upper neck (upper cervical spine).
    I've been an upper cervical doctor, licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine since 1993.  I have a passion for helping migraine sufferers. I am board certified in a procedure called Atlas Orthogonal (AO).  Its precise, geometry-based analysis reveals structural and mechanical imbalances of the upper neck.  

    The Atlas Orthogonal procedure is performed utilizing a specialized instrument that is mathematically calibrated to deliver a safe, painless, split-second sound vibration to the upper neck. This repositions the bones to decreases compression on nerves and arteries without surgery.  

       Headache medicine basically blocks pain signals, but it doesn’t treat the structural neuro-vascular (nerve and artery) imbalance that requires delicate, precision physical correction.     I’m very proud to be equipped to help supposedly "hopeless" cases, ending people’s dependence on headache medication.  Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is one of several drugless treatments that I use to treat patients with chronic headaches and other neck-related conditions.  Click HERE to Learn All About Atlas Orthogonal treatment

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                                                     - Dr. Donald Liebell

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He Gave Me My Life Back!
“Over 15 years ago I was in a terrible car wreck in California.  I suffered for many years with agonizing headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain.  I went to dozens of doctors and spent over $20,000.  The worst part is that these so-called ‘experts’ did NOTHING for me…not until I moved to Virginia Beach and was treated by Dr. Liebell.  He knew just what to do at the top of my neck to fix the cause of not only my headaches, but ALL of my pain!  This was in 1993 and today (2008) I am still headache free.  All the other doctors, tests and pain medications were worthless in comparison.

- Ellen Diggs,  Virginia Beach

World-Renowned Research Scientist Supports the Neck-Based Approach to Headaches

"People in control of the headache field seemingly have not, cannot, or will not recognize that this model for cervicogenic [neck based] headache is not only the best evolved of all headaches but is testable in vivo, in patients with headache complaints. No other form of headache has that facility."
Nikolai Bogduk, MD, PhD,
professor of anatomy at Newcastle, Australia

"I wouldn’t be holding down the job I am today if it weren’t for the Atlas procedures getting rid of my chronic headaches"
  It’s shocking that our government isn’t funding widespread knowledge of this healthcare.   Every headache sufferer should get their atlas checked.”

- S. Freedman, Newport News, VA

Migraine Research from the Neurology Department of the University of Essen, Germany  

Dr. Diener recently revealed that the area known as the brain stem has a "possible migraine generator."  He indicated that a study of nine migraine patients revealed persistent overactivity at this area at the base of the brain (at the top of the neck) resulting in impaired regulation of expansion and contracting of blood vessels.

Dr. Hans Christoph Diener, M.D. 

Finally I Can Work Again!
“Before coming to see Dr. Liebell, I went to a bunch of doctors that pretty much gave me pills to stop the pain.  When the pills wore off, I had to take even more of the same pills.  I had headaches so bad that I couldn’t play with my new baby boy.  Finally I can work again and I can pick up my son.  Not only did Dr. Liebell help me with the pain, but also he showed me what was causing it with charts and graphs.  His care improved my whole life.

- Alvin H., Norfolk, VA

Medical Researcher Reports
Scientific Expla
nation for Neck-Headache Connection

"We couldn't believe it at first. We've been able to put together a scientific explanation for how neck structure causes headaches -- not all headaches, but a significant number of them."  It's true that chiropractors have been saying this for years. Unfortunately, many (medical) doctors tend to have a jaundiced view of chiropractors, but they were right about headaches."

Dr. Peter Rothbart, MD, founder of the North American Cervicogenic Headache Society

“Since I have received the upper neck treatment, I have not had a single headache of ANY kind...
Over 1 year... It’s wonderful!!  I’ve been able to play tennis and work and not take any medication for headaches or my back (that pain’s gone too)”

– Linda M., Virginia Beach

Dr. Liebell's Atlas Orthogonal
Method is a Lifesaver!

“I spent thousands of dollars on medical care for my 17 year old son’s constant headaches since he was in the fourth grade... Nothing ever helped.  Dr. Liebell diagnosed the actual cause of his life-long headaches in less than 5 minutes.  In less than 2 weeks Dr. Liebell was fixing the problem and Nick’s headaches began to decrease until they just stopped coming on at all.  This was without drugs, surgery and best of all – without a huge cost!!  His Atlas Orthogonal method is a lifesaver for Nick.”  

Kathleen A., Virginia Beach